Next Generation

Aerospace Paint Remover

Aero Clean Technologies PS-3010 represents the next step forward in aircraft paint removal. We consider PS-3010 Neutral Peroxide Activated Paint Remover to be the most cost-effective, efficient, and safe paint stripper ever manufactured.


Why Aero Clean Technologies PS-3010?

PS-3010 Neutral Peroxide Activated Paint Remover is more effective, safe, and efficient than any other paint stripper on the market today. We encourage you to see the difference!

PS-3010 is Faster

Within hours of applying PS-3010, you can watch the paint fall off the exterior of the aircraft.

Less Chemicals

Aero Clean Technologies PS-3010 requires less chemicals to remove the same amount of paint as our closest competitor. For larger projects, this results in considerable savings!

Worker Safe

Our proprietary formula is designed to

be SAFE. Check out our safety data sheets here!

Cost Effective

PS-3010 uses less chemical to strip an aircraft exterior in less time resulting in considerable material and labor savings.

Try us out!

We encourage you to try a side-by-side experiment between PS-3010 and your current product. We're confident that the difference will be clear.

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